Welcome to your source of "3 d people graphics" with over 200 and growing grpahics to choose from there has never been a more easier way to create converting and inspiring presentations for your videos, eBooks, marketing material, advertisements or even your website.

Once you sign up for your membership, You can use any of the images on this site without fear of infringing any copyrights. All photos are completely royalty free. Just download the ones you want to use from inside your members area.

There are already over 200 photos for you to choose from waiting for you to download you simply insert which litlle graphic you would to use into your current project.  Our cute little 3d people graphics will add lots of life and fun to your projects. You can edit the graphics to add little notes to enhance your presentations. Just let your imagination run wild.


The member fee is a one of fee of just $17.00 once you have signed up simply log in and choose which of the photos you need that day. No more having to scour your hard drive for where you saved the images, all 200+ will be here waiting for you any time you need them.


Here are a few samples of some of the 200+ graphics you can choose from: There are groups of Male and Female 3d People and individual men and women poses as shown in the header and footer of the site.

montage of 3d people.

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